Logistics and Supply chain

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Logistics and Supply chain

Logistics and Supply chain
This program will lead to a rewarding career in Logistics and Supply Chain Management. Effective logistics and supply chain management has become prominent for companies across E-commerce, FMCG, manufacturing, retail and more such domains therefore large corporates have logistics and supply chain management as a key focus area. New age organizations like e-commerce, hospital, hospitality, aviation, shipping and more have added to the demand for trained & well qualified professionals.

Post completion of the program work across domain of industries – manufacturing, retail, ecommerce, service industry, shipping, aviation and consulting firms
You can work across multiple domain functions like planning, project management, resource management, consulting, strategy & others
Opportunity to work in India and Abroad; travel across the world

The MBA (Logistics and Supply Chain Management) program combines thorough training in core business administration skills with in-depth education in understanding of strategic business issues across logistics, project management and supply chain life cycle management.
Through this highly integrated program, you would acquire knowledge and understanding of multiple facets of supply chain business including purchasing, materials management, supply-chain management, transportation, customs regulations, foreign exchange, international trade and information technology among various other aspects. The program is taught theoretically, while creating ample opportunities for gaining hands on practical experience.


All Industries Aviation / Shipping Consulting Firms
Vendor Development
Process Management
Warehousing & Distribution
Inventory Control
Supply Chain Management-Solution Designing
Network Planning
Logistics Management (Freight & Transportation)
Process Management
Supply Chain Planning
Project Planning and Implementation
System and Technology Implementation

It's a 2 year program approved by the Distance Education Bureau (DEB) of UGC, delivered in distance education mode where you can continue your job while pursuing the program. The 2 years are divided into 4 semesters; the 1st and 2nd semesters focuses on general management papers while other two on Logistics and Supply Chain management specialization with a dissertation / industry project in last semester.
The program is delivered in a blended learning format that includes self-learning supported by our customized Learning Management Platform, instructor led live session and real life experience through dissertation

Semester-wise Details :

Semester I Semester II Semester III Semester IV
1. Economics & Management Decisions
2. Financial Management
3. Marketing Management
4. Quantitative Techniques for Management Applications
5. Operations & Material Management
1. Human Resource Management
2. Customer Relationship Management
3. Project Management & Contract Administration
4. Strategic Management of Technology & Innovation
5. Research Methodology
1. Accounting in Logistics & Supply Chain Sector
2. Logistics Fundamentals and Processes
3. Planning for Logistics
4. Supply Chain Modeling & Design
5. Lean Supply Chain Management
1. Business Policy & Strategy
2. Supply Chain Simulation
3. Logistics Strategy
4. Dissertation

# Admission Procedure Required:
1 Duration : ( 2 years
2 Eligibility : Graduate with 50% marks.*
3 Program Fee (INR): 90 Thousand
3 Per Semester Fee (INR): Rs. 22,500/- per semester
*Preference to be given to candidates with 2 years and above of work experience.
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