Master of Computer Applications (MCA)

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Master of Computer Applications (MCA)

Master of Business Administration - Information Technology (MBA-IT)
Eligibility : Any graduate (10+2+3 or equivalent) from any recognized University having least 50% marks (45% for SC/ST) at level will be considered eligible for admission to MCA -I Year provided he/she has offered Mathematics / Statistics at the 12th Std./ A Graduate level except for BCA, BCS, B.Sc. (Computer), B.Sc(IT) graduates.
Duration : Three years

Fees :
Year Admission Fees (Rs.) Tuition Fees (Rs.) Total Fees (Rs.)
1st 500/- 20000/- 20500/-
2nd __ 20000/- 20000/-
3rd __ 20000/- 20000/-
Total Fees 60500/-

First Year
Semester I Semester II
101 Elementary Algorithmics.
102 Computer Organization and Architecture.
103 Procedure Oriented Programming.
104 Introduction to Management Functions.
105 Mathematical Foundation.
106 Practical (Information Technology Laboratory).
107 Minor Software Project-I.
201 Data Structures.
202 Operating Systems.
203 Data Base Management Theory.
204 Accounting and Management Control.
205 Probability and Combinatories.
206 Practical (Windows Programming Laboratory).
207 Minor Software Project-II.
Second Year
Semester III Semester IV
301 Software Engineering.
302 Computer Communication Networks.
303 Object Oriented Programming.
304 Communication and Organization Behaviour.
305 Decision Technology.
306 Practical (Database Design, Implementation).
307 Minor Software Project-III.
401 UML and Design Patterns.
402 Unix and Linux Internals.
403 I.T. Elective-I.
404 I.T. Elective-II.
405 BM Elective-I.
406 Practical (Internet Programming)
407 Minor Software Project-IV.
Third Year
Semester V Semester VI
501 Software Project Management.
502 Artificial Intelligence and Applications.
503 I.T. Elective-III.
504 I.T. Elective-IV.
505 B.M. Elective-II.
506 Practical (Advanced Internet Programming).
507 Minor Software Project-V.
601 Major Software Project.
602 Trends in Information Technology (Term Paper).
603 Comprehensive Examination (Objective Type).
604 Comprehensive Exam (Conventional Type).
I.T. Elective Details
I.T. Elective-I I.T. Elective-II
a) Theory of Automata.
b) Data Warehousing & Data Mining.
c) Embedded Systems Concepts and Modeling.

I.T. Elective-III
a) Design of Language Processors.
b) Computer Graphics and Multimedia.
c) Simulation Modeling.
d) Embedded Systems Interfacing and EmbeddedCommunication Systems.

B.M. Elective-I
a) Marketing Management.
b) Managerial Economics.
a) Programming with STL.
b) Database Management with SQL Server.
c) Embedded Systems Design and Programming.

I.T. Elective-IV
a) Programming with MFC.
b) NET Technology.
c) Assembly Language Programming.
d) Embedded Systems Programming using High Level Language

B.M. Elective-II
a) Knowledge Management.
b) Business Finance.
c) Design and Implementation of E-Commerce Application.
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